City Partners with Laredo Tennis Association to Teach Kids Tennis

With summer vacation in full swing many kids might be inside forgetting to be active outside. To provide an outdoor activity the City of Laredo and the Laredo Tennis Association are partnering up.

An operation by Immigration and Customs Enforcement across Central and South Texas leads to 123 arrests, 27 of those arrests were in Laredo.

KGNS viewing area weather forecast and explanation.

Agents from the Laredo Sector Border Patrol rescued 22 undocumented immigrants during four separate events.

Member of Texas Mexican Mafia sentenced to 168 months in prison

Man arrested for allegedly performing lewd acts on a drainage tunnel

Ransomware: How an attack could impact you

Activist groups rally against proposed anti-transgender bills

Update: Fifteen-year-old girl falls out of truck in south Laredo

Family-friendly ways to show kindness

Teens laugh while man drowns and cries for help

OJ Simpson moves to a new cell

Officer connects police with community through humor and Twitter

Former Zeta Cartel boss sentenced to 30 years in prison

Update: LPD discovers undocumented immigrants in mobile home

Man hospitalized after wasp attack

Road work to affect traffic near International Boulevard

Texas legalizes open knife & sword carry in public places

Detained and Undocumented: Part II

Building dedicated in honor of former Constable, Ruben Reyes

Heritage Foundation looking for the perfect picture to represent Laredo

Richard Peña Raymond discusses property tax relief

Senate Bill Four on Monday's Commissioners Court agenda

Heavy storm disrupts jazz festival in Columbus, Ohio

Laredo Police Department arrest bulletin (7/21/17)

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