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Richard was born in San Antonio - and while in college, he became a news reporter for WOAI Radio.

Richard worked with such notable broadcasters as Henry Guerra, Bill McReynolds, Bob Guthrie and many other San Antonio news celebrities. He also worked for WOAI as a traffic reporter, taking to the skies Monday through Friday reporting on traffic conditions throughout San Antonio.

Richard's first television gig was with KSAT-TV, where he was hired as a General Assignments News Reporter. After a couple of years, this transitioned into a Morning News Anchor position.

It was during this time in his career he was offered a position as News Director at KGNS-TV in Laredo. He wore two hats - that of News Director and Main Anchor.

After twelve years, he decided it was time to move on to a totally different career he had his eye on. He became a fully licensed stock broker, and worked as an investment executive for two banks in Laredo, and Morgan Stanley in San Antonio.

A couple of years later, he became active selling health insurance to senior citizens.

In 2004, Richard came back to television, and was hired by KVTV (CBS) in Laredo first as a consultant, and then he was named Managing Editor and Lead Anchor of the 10 pm News. After some three years, he became self-employed - but always had high hopes of re-entering television.

Richard worked in radio for a brief while in Laredo, and at San Antonio’s Texas Public Radio station (KSTX). At long last, he was able to find my way back to the station he always wanted to come back to - KGNS.

Richard feels extremely fortunate to be working at the station that brought him to Laredo in the first place. He says Laredo is the town that has treated him so well through the years. Richard's wife, Ofelia, is a prime, home-grown example of the wonderful folks who live in Laredo.

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