Biracial boy in New Hampshire nearly hung to death by teens

Eight-year-old boy was treated at a hospital for cuts to his neck following the near-hanging. (Cassandra Merlin)

(CLAREMONT, N.H.) - An eight-year-old biracial boy in New Hampshire is allegedly taunted with racial slurs and then pushed off a table with a rope around his neck by teenagers.

According to the boy’s family the incident happened in Claremont on August 28th.

The boy’s grandmother, Lorrie Slattery the children were in the backyard when some of the teens got on the table and grabbed a rope that held a tire swing. It is unclear how the rope got around her grandson’s neck but the grandmother claims that the teens pushed them off the table.

No adults are believed to have witnessed the incident, however the grandmother believes the teenagers said let’s do this and pushed him off the picnic table and hung him.

The boy was taken to a Claremont hospital where he was treated for the neck injuries that he sustained.

A medical expert believes the boy swung at least three times before being able to remove the rope.

The grandmother says none of the teens tried to help her grandson.
Claremont Police say the department is still investigating the incident.

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