Donation Launches St. Augustine's Cathedral Restoration Campaign

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LAREDO, Texas (KGNS) - A historical landmark in Laredo will soon be getting some new renovations.

The Cathedral of San Augustine goes all the way back to the 1900's, and the building shows its wear and tear damages.

The cathedral will be getting some renovations made possible by a donation of around $400,000 by the Matias De Llano Charitable Trust by IBC.

This is the first local donation going toward the campaign to restore the historic San Agustin Cathedral.

The Matias De Llano Charitable Trust is directed to continue the De Llano legacy by helping the community.

The money will specifically support the repair of six stain glass windows.

Bishop James A. Tamayo says this is just the beginning of revamping the church.

One of the windows being restored and sponsored by the grant was originally donated by the De Llano family to honor the memory of Matias De Llano Senior.

The bishop says the stain glass windows were first put in around 1910 and 1940's and have only a few windows have been restored once.

A company has already been hired from Austin to complete the project. The company specializes in restoring stain glass windows.

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