Interim City Manager Named After Olivares Announces Retirement

LAREDO, Texas (KGNS) - An agenda item for Monday night’s City Council meeting had a surprising turn of events. The council was set to decide the fate of city manager, Jesus Olivares, but instead said goodbye to the now former employee.

Olivares decided to step down after an hour long executive session, where council members discussed whether or not he should be put on administrative leave with pay.

Now the city is speaking out on his decision to retire and they are discussing what the next move is.

Olivares’ decision to retire came as a shock to some, but for Mayor Pete Saenz, it was a good way to bow out.

Olivares retired after an agenda item was discussed to put him on administrative leave, in light of the FBI investigation. Olivares was said to be on the FBI’s target subject list.

The city is still in talks about what they will be paying Olivares. Councilman Roberto Balli says it depends on his contract.

For now Horacio De Leon will serve as interim city manager during the city’s search for a new one.

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During Monday's City Council meeting, an item was placed on the agenda to discuss the possibility of putting Jesus Olviares on administrative leave.

A decision was reached during the meeting and city manager, Jesus Olivares announced that he will be retiring as the city manager for the City of Laredo.

Olivares announced his retirement effective immediately. City Council was considering putting Olivares on administrative leave, pending the outcome of the ongoing FBI investigation.

City Council came out of executive session and that is when Olivares announced that he will be retiring as the Laredo City Manager.

For now one of the assistant city mangers, Horacio De Leon will take over as the interim city manager.

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The fate of Laredo city manager is still being decided by City Council.

At the beginning of the meeting, KGNS tried to get Olivares’ reaction to the agenda item that would put him on administrative leave with pay, due to his possible involvement with recent FBI raids on the city.

This topic prompted many Laredoans to show up and voice their concerns and even made Council members go into executive session per legal counsel’s advice.

The FBI warrant on City Hall included two lists, one was a target subjects list and the other was a list of city employees’ names.

Olivares’ name was on the target subject list and since then, Mayor Pete Saenz has asked that Olivares clear his name so that it won’t affect future city business.

The City Council is still in executive session.

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