Convenience store employee arrested for embezzlement

Amelia Gudalupe Zebudia
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LAREDO, Texas (KGNS) - A convenience store employee is arrested for allegedly stealing money from the store.

Back on June 9th, officers were called out to a Stripes store where a store manager and a loss prevention specialist reported that one of their employees was stealing money from one of their stores.

According to a Stripes manager, they had conducted an investigation and found a shortage of funds.

After looking into their financial records, they found that they had a shortage of $78,876.82, which was managed by Amelia Zebadua.

Once the manager discovered the missing funds, he looked at surveillance footage and saw that Zebadua had been counting the funds and placing them in the deposit bag, but she had been missing substantial amounts in cash.

According to reports, Zebadua allegedly used fictitious financial reports in order to cover the funds that she had allegedly stole.

Police were able to arrest and charge 35-year-old Amelia Zebadua with theft of property.