Dozens Participate in Consequences of Impaired Driving Program

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Every year, hundreds are killed on the road by distracted drivers. In an effort to educate younger drivers, the municipal court held a program called Consequences of Impaired driving this weekend.

Leo Reyes, a former Laredo police motorcycle officer speaks about how his life changed after being hit by vehicle. He was one of several who spoke about the dangers and consequences of impaired driving to a room full of young drivers. The driving program is put on by Municipal Court Judge Rosie Cuellar. She says, "They were using a cell phone. They were in an accident speeding, so anything can contribute to an accident. So most of these young people are here because they are taking care of the responsibility."

Those going through the program not only heard testimonies but also participated in exercise dealing with driving while impaired or distracted. There were simulators, a go-cart course with goggles, and a virtual reality experience to show all types of distractions.

Even though the court ordered many of the drivers to take part in the program, Judge Cuellar hopes these young drivers will think twice and be smart drivers. "We have a responsibility as a judge, but we also have a moral obligation to help my community. I deal with driving and it's consequences, so this is the perfect forum," Judge Cuellar.