Federal Judge to Visit Laredo

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LAREDO, Texas (KGNS) - Additional immigration judges are being sent to the border, and one of them is being assigned to a Laredo court.


On Monday, those judges begin serving in the following locations:

In Texas, hose cities are: Dilley, Karnes City, Livingston and Laredo.

Jena, Louisiana and Chaparral, New Mexico will also have judges.

The Executive Office for Immigration Review announces these changes as a result of their implementation of the presidential executive orders signed on January 25.

However, Congressman Henry Cuellar says he has also been requesting more immigration judges to reduce the backlog in cases.

"This way, they can get their court on the border as quickly as possible," Cuellar said. "They either get a quick decision - they get to stay or they get to go back. And that's why I've been fighting for this the last couple of years."

The position is temporary, but Cuellar says he'll be pushing to make it a permanent position.

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