The City of Laredo prepares for Hurricane Harvey

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LAREDO, Texas (KGNS) - While Laredo is not projected to be hit hard by Hurricane Harvey, city and county emergency officials are preparing to welcome evacuees fleeing from the hurricane’s path.

During a press conference on Thursday afternoon, county and city officials said they are working hand and hand to welcome anyone seeking refuge.

At this time, the city nor the county has received any formal requests from cities along the Texas coast for sheltering but are preparing in the event should they need to offer it.

County judge, Tano Tijerina, says they are planning on opening up Bruni High School as a shelter as well as Life Downs.

The Laredo Chief of Police says they will have extra officers on the road patrolling.

So far, a number of hotels have already been booked and city officials say Laredo’s drainage system is capable of handling the water that is expected to pour.

The city and the county will be handing out sandbags to residents who are concerned about possible flooding.

The emergency team will be meeting on Friday to assess their plans.