Man arrested for allegedly assaulting a Laredo Police officer

Jose Luis Garcia
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LAREDO, Texas (KGNS) - A man is arrested for allegedly assaulting a Laredo Police Officer.

Laredo Police say 23-year-old Jose Luis Garcia is accused in the case.

According to authorities, on Saturday September 9th, an officer was patrolling a club/bar by 6408 Crescent Loop at around two in the morning.

The officer said he saw a group of men start a fight near the establishment.

The officer said after several unsuccessful attempts of trying to get the attention of the individuals, the officer got out of the car and approached the fight.

At that same moment, security guards were trying to break up the fight between the group of men.

According to the officer, as he was trying to detain one of the men and ask for information, Garcia allegedly came from behind and pushed the officer down to the ground.

The officer was able to get up and with the help of another officer was able to detain Garcia as he was resisting arrest.

Police were able to arrest and charge Garcia with assault on a public servant.