Sibling Rivalry

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LAREDO, Texas (KGNS) - The mayor of Laredo finds himself in the middle of a legal fight with a family member involving a dispute over his alleged actions in a family trust.

Pete Saenz is being sued individually and as partner of the "Las Blancas Minerals Limited Partnership" by his brother.

The lawsuit alleges that the trust records show distributions made to the trust do not coincide with the partnership agreement and neither do the actual payments to the partners, which is an amount said to be in the millions.

Now they are asking the court to have Saenz turn over all accounting documentation for distributions made to the trust and if its found that those payments were less than they should have been, that Saenz make up any shortfall.

Saenz says they have complied with all the requests and that they have done everything required and says the lawsuit does not have merit.

Another hearing in this case should take place in the next 60 days, which is being heard in the 341st District Court.

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