Plastic bag ban legal fees incurred

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LAREDO, Texas (KGNS) - While the city’s appeal to the Supreme Court is ongoing regarding the plastic bag ordinance, the costs are adding up.

Now, the city is getting ready to pay the latest bill. The bill is close to $94,000, but the total is much higher.

In November, the city hired Austin-based attorney, Dale Wainwright who served on the Texas Supreme Court for ten years.

Since then, the city has incurred a total of $144,299 and 89 cents according to the city’s acting attorney Kristina Hale.

The amount that they are paying right now is included in this total.

Hale says they anticipate the Supreme Court may take at least six months to decide whether they will take up the case.

Hale’s office has orders from City Council to continue pursuing this legally, but they are looking at ways to help reduce their financial burden.

The funds used to pay these costs come from the city attorney’s general fund.

Hale says other cities have taken an interest in what they view as a fight for local power.

This includes cities like Dallas, Galveston, and Houston who last week filed an amicus brief, supporting the City of Laredo.

Hale says she anticipates San Antonio will be filing one soon also in support of Laredo’s position.

Back in November, attorney, Wainwright said only about 8.12 percent of cases are taken up by the Texas Supreme Court.

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