Salvation Army: Free Music Program

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LAREDO, TEXAS One of the programs funded by these donations The Salvation Army offers is teaching to kids in the community. Allowing them to learn music theory, how to read notes, and how to play different instruments. The group is planning their monthly 'School of Music' Trip to Corpus Christi next weekend along with other salvation army Corps, in order to share music resources for the program. If your child is interested in joining the program there's still time to sign up.
Lt. Adolph Aguirre with the Laredo Salvation Army says, they “learn variety of instruments, they have different teachers that have capability of teaching them a little bit more. Bass guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, drums, piano. There’s no fee that’s part of the services we offer here at Salvation Army for free, but anybody is welcome to make a donation if they choose to."
If you'd like your child to join the program and go on the monthly trip to Corpus Christi, you can call the organization at 956-723-2349 or stop by their weekly class this Wednesday at 4:45 at the Matamoros location. The ages of kids range from 5 to 18 years old.

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