Are your sunglasses protecting your eyes?

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LAREDO, Texas (KGNS) - It’s undeniable that the Laredo sun is intense. One form of protection from the sun is sunglasses, but not all sunglasses are made equal.

It’s important to know whether it’s sunny or cloudy, your eyes could be damaged by the ultra violet rays, known as UV.

Exposure to UV rays, can cause sunburn, damage and eye irritation.

Local optometrist, Dr. Mario Barrera says by protecting your eyes it can help save them from diseases like cataracts, which can cause a blurry vision.

Glasses are made to protect, but Barrera says dark shades do not always mean protection.

UV 400 is the highest protection available for sunglasses and that protection can be found in various styles of eyewear.

Whether your sunglasses are $5 or $500, it’s all about the UV protection rate, but Barrera says name brands are more likely to have been UV tested.

However, it is important to check for the sticker that certifies glasses with 100% UV protection.