Trouble On The Tracks: Girl Loses Leg

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(WTHR) - Parents on the west side of Indianapolis say kids are often walking around the railroad tracks where an 11-year-old girl lost her leg and nearly lost her life.

"Went down the little ravine right there and up to the tracks," said Malissa Mencia.

Neighbors say it's not the first time children went up to play on the railroad tracks, but it was the worst time.

Mencia says the train was moving slowly when Breanna Brooks, a neighbor, "got an idea of trying to jump the train. When she tried to jump the train, I guess she lost traction and a little boy tried to catch her, but couldn't catch her. It happened."

"I saw her caught by the wheel of the train and then she got out and her leg was gone. It was gone up to here," said Alexis Tackett, a school friend, pointing above her left knee.

And Breanna was losing a lot of blood.

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