Uniform Fundraiser Brings Teachers & Students Together

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LAREDO, TEXAS Laredo ISD has partnered up with a national retailer for a back-to-school fundraiser. JCPenney hosted an event for LISD families to stock up on Izod elementary school uniforms.

The start of the new school year is only a few weeks away and parents are already starting to prepare. Laredo ISD had the chance to save some money on uniforms but also give back.

"It was to make it a big event for the schools -- for them to come in meet with their students in the summer, and give the opportunity to get the word out to their students, family about this fundraiser," says Nicole McNiel with JCPenney.

Whether you purchase Izod's polos, sweaters, shorts, pants, or skirts you got to help an LISD school. For every Izod item purchased this morning a 5-percent donation will be given to the customer's school of choice to help fund student activities. Kindergarten teacher Ana Brewster was a among a group of teachers reminding parents of the fundraiser. She says, "It's a fun way to see students we haven't seen in the summer, to help, and a way for us to be better at our job."

JCPenney officials say its up to the school where the money raised will go toward. With 25 years of experience as an educator Ms. Brewster already has some idea where she would like the money to go."Supplies program that we can use and maybe if we need to extra to start a program we can use that. Something to get the kids motivated," she adds.