The Lost City of Los Ojuelos

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LAREDO, Texas (KGNS) - In a move to preserve Texas history, countless historical landmarks have been placed throughout Webb County.

There's one landmark that is not just one building or two buildings, but an entire town called Los Ojuelos.

The city of Mirando has been home for Raquel Mendieta for more than half a century.

Back in the 70's Mendieta's family obtained a piece of history, a few miles away from her home known for its water springs.

It's the same water that drove Eugenio Gutierrez to Establish the area back in the 1800's thanks to a land from the Spanish crown.

However, the Native Americans had heavily guarded the area for centuries, forcing Gutierrez and his crew to flee.

With the help of the military, descendants of Gutierrez returned 50 years later and settled permanently on what would later be called Los Ojuelos, or 'Little springs'.

A village who's population blew up to more than 300 people and built a community, became a stopping point for travelers but by the turn of the century it's population began to fade away.

Today, the site where hundreds of people once had their homes remains abandoned and inside private ranches.

While only a few buildings remain, Dr. Gree believes it's the stories that will preserve it.

Dr. Green is one of the few historians who has studied and written the most on Los Ojuelos and has met and interviewed countless people born in the town.

While you can't go in since it's private property, you can admire several buildings from the road and take pictures.

Dr. Green also says Los Ojuelos died just after World War II as a victim of changing economics but is remembered by the sons and daughters of those who lived there.

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