Woman runs to toddler's side after he is thrown into traffic

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) -- "I told my husband, I said, 'Just slow down, this guy's about to throw something,'" said Tracy Willner.

Willner was on the way home with her husband and young daughter at about 9 p.m. Friday, when she saw a man, possibly in his 30s, standing near an intersection, holding something in his arms.

"I thought it was a bag or a dog. I wasn't sure what it was," said Willner.

As soon as the light turned green, the man hurled something into roadway. The car in front of her swerved abruptly and suddenly the unthinkable happened: a small boy stood up.

"I don't think the realization has hit. He threw a baby into traffic. He threw him hard into traffic and the baby rolled. Thank God the lady in front of us swerved and was paying attention," said Willner.

Without a moment's hesitation, Willner jumped into traffic and ran to the child.

"I grabbed the baby and just held him. He was soaking wet and crying. I'm just standing there in the rain holding the baby, screaming, 'Someone call 911, someone call 911,' because my phone was dead. I'm screaming, 'Does anyone have a blanket?' A lady gave me a towel and covered him up. I just held him right here and for a little while he stopped crying. I just wanted to keep him as warm and as safe as possible," she said.

Other witnesses also rushed to held, Willner said.

"The guy who threw him was standing right by my passenger door. These two guys come running and tackled him to make sure he wouldn’t get the baby. He took off running, so my husband jumped out of the car and chased the guy up by the tattoo place with the other two guys and pinned him until the police showed up," she said.

Police identified the suspect as Bryant Hickcox, 30, who is reportedly the toddler's cousin. According to jail records, Hickcox remains booked in jail on a $50,000 bond.

The 2-year-old's parents said they are still trying to understand what happened, but are so grateful for the witnesses who helped their son.

“Everybody kept saying 'Thank you, thank you.' I was a like, 'You don't have to thank me. That's what you're supposed to do.' One officer said you'd be surprised how many people just drive by and don't get involved in situations because they're too busy or just don't want to get involved, and I said, 'How can you not?' We have to have each other's back. If it was your kid, you'd want somebody to be there and comfort her or him too,” Willner said.

A reporter from Gray-TV affiliate KKTV, Jessica Leicht, got to meet the little boy on Saturday. Other than some scrapes and bruises, he is doing just fine.

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