Two Churches Turn Away Mother, Child with Autism

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LAREDO, Texas (KGNS) - A Laredo mother is appalled after being turned away from a place of worship and praise that accepts everyone.

What began as a day of prayer ended in a nightmare for one mother after a member of a congregation told her she would have to leave because of her son's behavior.

Sara Carillo was trying to find peace at a local church but was faced with the exact opposite.

Carillo's seven-year-old son Vicente has autism and because of his condition, he demonstrates certain behaviors.

Sara was first approached by part of the congregation while sitting with her son during the service.

Then the second time they told her she would have to leave the church if her son continued, causing her and her son to feel unaccepted.

After much prayer, Sara found help through a group called Think Autism at United Baptist Church.

The founder of the group Sandra Falcon, whose son is also diagnosed with autism says that even though she has not been in that situation, she believes it is not right.

The group offers a respite program on Sundays for autistic and disabled kids.

It's a place for kids to feel comfortable and be themselves, allowing them and parents to be at peace.

The support group meets once a month to talk about any issues, hear from professionals and coordinate events they are currently over of ten families in the group.

If you would like to get in touch with the Autism support group, Think Autism, you can call 956-763-5570 or 956-727-7729 or you can click the link below.

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