Police Release Details of Auto Theft Ring Investigation

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LAREDO, Texas (KGNS) - The car that you may have reported stolen may have been used to smuggle people or drugs through the border or even carry out murders in Mexico.

As a result of this widespread activity, Laredo Police have been carrying out this case alongside many other agencies like Border Patrol, DPS, HSI and other police departments.

There were so many cars pouring into Mexico through Laredo that the operation earned the name 'Metal rain'.

Investigators are now working to close the floodgates.

On January 12, 2016, DPS stopped two men who had stumbled onto a criminal network.

DPS crime investigations division questioned the two men. The vehicles they had stole were from San Antonio.

The Laredo Police Department auto theft division took on what became known as 'Operation metal rain'.

Authorities discovered a network spanning the state including, San Antonio, Austin, Pflugerville and Houston.

Most of the vehicles were heavy duty trucks such as F-250 used to smuggle people, drugs and weapons through the border but sometimes they end up at the center of other investigations.

With nine indictments and four arrests, the case is progressing but police know work still remains.

LPD is working with DPS and HSi to further investigate these types of auto thefts.

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