Congressman Cuellar Speaks on Proposed Relocation of TMC Headquarters

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LAREDO, Texas (KGNS) - A move by the Board of Directors of the Teaching and Mentoring Communities organization could put over a hundred jobs at risk of being lost.

Congressman Henry Cuellar (Photo Courtesy: Office of Henry Cuellar)

The agency, which was formerly known as the Texas Migrant Council, has been headquartered in Laredo since it's inception and administers 62 headstart centers in eight states - including the ones here in Laredo.

But now members of the Board are trying to move the organization's headquarters out of Laredo. This move would result in over a hundred people losing their jobs.

In a statement issued by Representative Henry Cuellar, he says in part: "That is not the right thing to do for our children, and I consider it a misuse of taxpayer dollars. Headstart centers are where thousands of children receive critical services."

He goes on to say "This unnecessary attempt by TMC means fewer kids and fewer families will receive these critical services, and I will not stand for that."

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