Border Patrol Agents Recognized for Heroism

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LAREDO, Texas (KGNS) - U.S. Border Patrol agents were recognized for their heroism Wednesday morning.

Each agent recognized played a role in search and rescue incidents from this year and last.

Each agent recognized played a role in a search and rescue incident that happened over the past two years.

Thirty Border Patrol agents received this recognition for taking part in rescues that happened in 2016-2017. Border Patrol officials call it 'Going beyond the duty'.

One by one Border Patrol agents were recognized for their bravery.

Dangerous incidents that many would run away from, the agents were front and center, rescuing lives.

Events such as rescuing a shot hunter, recovering a body from the riverbank, rope rescue missions and providing first aid.

One of the agents honored was Border Patrol agent Joshua Guell, who responded to a charter bus rollover on Highway 84 back in May of 2016.

Agent Guell says in those moments, the training he has received from Border Patrol kicked in quickly, knowing he had to get people to safety.

Laredo Sector acting chief patrol agent, Robert Boatright says these recognitions shed a different light on the agents and the contribution they make to the community.

Agent Guell hopes people know Border Patrol agents don't just deal with drugs and immigration but also incidents where lives are saved.

The 30 agents recognized were a part of seven different incidents.

This was a congressional honor by the United States House of Representatives presented by Congressman Henry Cuellar.

This type of recognition also happens in other border towns.

Congressman Cuellar says agents in The Valley were honored a few weeks back.

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