Nuevo Laredo Mayor Speaks on Trump Victory

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NUEVO LAREDO, MX (KGNS) - After just one month in office, Nuevo Laredo Mayor Enrique Rivas assures the public there will be no change to the military forces now that Donald Trump has been elected president.

Rivas says he has been working very closely with Laredo and other U.S. officials with current projects.

He assures the public as far as safety is concerned, the change in the U.S. capital administration will not affect them directly.

"It's the same city, it's the same region," Rivas said. "Nothing will change with us, we will stay the same and keep on working the same passion and determination."

Although Rivas assures military presence will not change, he is unsure about what the future will say about the economic impact of the new U.S. presidential administration.

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