UPDATE: Congressman Cuellar Speaks on Proposed Relocation of TMC Headquarters

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LAREDO, Texas (KGNS) - A move by an organization that assist migrant families could put over a hundred jobs at risk of being lost.

Congressman Henry Cuellar is speaking out after the Texas Migrant Council non-profit continues to push to move its headquarters out of Laredo.

The change has Congressman Henry Cuellar speaking out against the non-profit, Texas Migrant Council, as it continues to push to move its headquarters out of Laredo.

Not only is Congressman Cuellar worried about the loss of jobs but he is also worried about the funding that was lost after the organization failed to apply for a grant.

Congressman Cuellar says last year the Texas Migrant Council tried to re-locate its headquarters to San Antonio but a stop was put into play by the administration of children and families.

This year's TMC's board is once again looking into relocating out of Laredo.

Cuellar says the group did not submit an application for the 64 million dollar grant they could have received.

In a release TMC says its first application was denied by Washington DC but it was not able to re-apply because its board could not come to an agreement.

As of now it is uncertain what will happen to the non-profit but Cuellar is calling for the opportunity to support the organization that assists hundreds of Laredoans.

Cuellar says he has tried to contact members of the board from different parts of Texas but he says they have refused to speak to him.

KGNS reached out to the TMC but they have not answered our requests.

TMC has been headquartered in Laredo since it's start and administers 62 head start centers in eight states, including the ones here in Laredo.

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