Protect your babies from dangerous toxins

As an expectant mother, there

A report, just released by a team of Arizona State University researchers, found certain anti bacterial items may be exposing pregnant woman and their fetuses to harmful chemicals.

(NBC) - As an expectant mother, there's so much to look out for - but now there's a new warning about dangerous toxins hiding in what seem like safe products.

ASU researcher Issac Roll says, the study looked at urine samples from pregnant women and their baby's umbilical cord blood - and found...

"That some of these anti microbials are actually being transmitted from the mothers' body into the unborn child," said Roll.

While the FDA is still reviewing possible regulations, experts say there's growing evidence these compounds can cause developmental and reproductive problems.

But soap isn't the only thing you need to look out for. The compounds are found in around 2,000 everyday items. So your best bet is to check the label.

Jaclyn Bacon is listening the warning. She says for her the risk isn't worth the benefit.

(s/ jaclyn bacon / expectant mother1:28-1:32)
"For me, I'd just rather be more cautious," said Bacon. "And it's better for my body too."

Roll also says recently there's been a lot of debate on just how effective anti-bacterial products really are.

He believes, for most people, regular soap will get the job done.

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