Signs of heat exhaustion

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS (WOAI) - Coach Sally Stewart is a professional coach for World Wide Soccer. She knows that when kids have to spend hours in this heat, it can get dangerous.

There are signs she looks for when it comes to heat exhaustion, aside from the obvious signs - like dizziness, fatigue and nausea, these trained coaches look for the details.

Stewart says, “The face goes very very pale and eyes especially.” And when I say details, there are signs they look for even in a way a kid vomits. “Basically they can't keep down fluids - not to be gross about it or anything - it'll be mostly liquid.” Stewart says.

So if you or your child has to be outside in this heat, know the signs of heat exhaustion.

Look for the following:

- dry lips, dry tongue
- a pale face, especially around the eyes
- not sweating
- dizziness, fatigue & nausea

If you're experiencing heat exhaustion, take care of yourself immediately, by just cooling your body off... before it's too late.

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