City Council member wants to replace gravel in local parks

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LAREDO, TEXAS (KGNS) - Parents who let their kids play in the park know all about the possibility of scrapes and bruises.

Now, one city council member wants to lessen those chances, and make park play areas safer.

Ophelia Loaiza enjoys taking her two-year-old son Manuel, to Blas Castañeda park.

Councilman Jorge Vera represents the area of Laredo around Mines Road.

He thinks the gravel, at some Laredo park play areas are hazardous and he wants them replaced.

Vera says he's heard the complaint from other parents.

He also adds that it's better to put down AstroTurf or rubber mats.

Ophelia agrees.

Vera says there are some 15 to 20 play areas, at Laredo parks, that would need to be upgraded.

He says he has the support of other people on the city council and he hopes to get it all done, park after park, within five years.

Councilman Jorge Vera also says he'd like to see the same rule made for play areas on private property.

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