City of Laredo Parks Department offers Dos and Don'ts for Easter holiday

The City of Laredo Parks & Recreation Department would like to remind people of what is allowed and what is not acceptable at these parks.
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LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - Spending the Easter holiday at one of the City of Laredo’s 72 parks is a great way to spend the day with family and friends.

However, the City of Laredo Parks & Recreation Department would like to remind people of what is allowed and what is not acceptable at these parks, to ensure the safety and fun for all.

Laredoans are welcome to come out and picnic, bar-be-que, host games, Easter egg hunts, and other fun family activities. Following these simple rules will help to maintain the park and keep everyone safe.

Some of the DO’S include:

- Pick-up and dispose of trash properly.

Whether families pack sandwiches, bring pizzas, or decide to grill hamburgers, brisket or fajitas on site, either is allowed. Plates, napkins, cups, sodas or water bottles, candy, cakes, cookies, etc. and all the other trimmings to have a fun and complete picnic are welcome, as well. Just make sure to leave the area clean and picked-up, thrown away in the proper trash cans, or at least, gathered in a trash bag.

- Park only in designated areas for the park.

To allow for other guests at the park, make sure you utilize the proper parking spaces and only park in designated parking spaces. Do not block designated fire lanes and other areas to allow for safety vehicles passage, as well as the in and out of residents who live adjacent to the parks.

- Games, piñatas, Easter eggs, horse shoes and other activities are welcome.

While the parks offer many different playground features, other elements are allowed. Laredoans should just take care not to destroy any of the natural features and other activities at the park. Additionally, other families will be on site, so any games and activities should not interfere with their picnic and play areas. Just make sure to clean-up the play area.

The list of DON’TS includes:

- No overnight camping at any City parks.

Park hours are 6 AM to 11 PM. Between those hours, no one is allowed to spend the night, with either people, pets or belongings, to reserve a spot. Police tell anecdotes of individuals tying coolers, chairs, and other such items to park picnic tables and pavilions. However, other more outrageous stories include a family who left their 80-year old grandmother out at the site to save their spot. Another family tied their pit bull to reserve the area. Picnic areas are on a first come, first serve basis, starting at 6 AM. In fact, all property left in the park over night will be considered abandoned property and be subject to removal by Parks personnel.

- No trailer bar-be-que pits or ATVS and other motorized vehicles are allowed in the parks.

The bigger pits not only tear up the park landscape, they also ruin the irrigation system in place at the parks. Since not all parks are equipped with bar-be-que pits, the smaller pits that can be carried on site are allowed. ATVS and other motorized vehicles also cause the same problems for the landscaping and irrigation system and can also be a hazard with the crowds at the park.

- No open flames or camp fire cooking on ground is allowed.

Some people like to bar-be-que with wood and like to build a fire that they then transfer to the pit. This ruins the grass underneath. All fires must be contained to the grills only.

- No alcohol is allowed in the parks.

Many people like to enjoy their picnics with designated adult beverages. These are not allowed at any park, at any time, by anyone, including those 21 and over.

No smoking is allowed.

This is not allowed at any park, at any time.

- Absolutely no vending without a special events permit is allowed at parks.

Only permitted vendors, that is, those who have purchased the appropriate City of Laredo Parks & Recreation Department special events permit, and more importantly, the City of Laredo Health Department Food Handlers’ Permit, can sell their paletas and other such treats. This is to avoid any food-borne illnesses from spreading. If in doubt, ask the vendor for a copy of their permit. Approved vendors always carry their permits.

Additionally, the Parks Department and Laredo Police Department police will be working hard to prevent vandalism this break, and beyond.

Several City parks are equipped with cameras. Parks police will be patrolling the parks and monitoring the cameras’ video feed to catch any violators and those who wish to take advantage of the holiday break and cause mischief and destruction at the parks.

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