UPDATE:Cubans expected to arrive in Laredo

LAREDO, TEXAS (KGNS) - Hundreds Cubans are reported to have left Costa Rica on Tuesday to make their way to the Texas-Mexico border.

An estimate of 8,000 in Costa Rica and 20,000 in Ecuador, plan on passing through the Texas port.

Alejandro Ruiz founder of Cubanos en Libertad, an organization that assist Cubans as they arrive to the United States, says those making their way to Laredo will travel a hard route.

He describes the route as a long exhausting one, full of criminals and a dangerous one for children.

"It's not a safe way to travel but it's the only way. because they don't have a visa for any other country. they come in by paying people to bring them here", said Alejandro Ruiz.

He estimates, the group of Cubans should be on their way to Mexico from Guatemala.

He says the first group is set to arrive in Laredo by the end of the week, made up of families and children.

A surge of Cuban immigrants headed to the U.S. has begun and many of them are already coming through the gateway city.

An estimated 8,000 in Costa Rica and 20,000 in Ecuador will pass through a Texas port.

Many of those will come through Laredo.

Alejandro Ruiz founded Cubanos En Libertad after he noticed the need to guide Cubans who arrive in Laredo, not knowing how to begin their life in the United States.

The organization is located a few steps way from the bridge and Ruiz says he is ready for the next wave of Cuban immigrants.

It's a long journey for Cubans trying to migrate to the United States.
Alejandro Ruiz founder of Cubanos en Libertdad says on large group of Cubans in Costa Rica left Tuesday.

"To Costa Rica, to El Salvador, they arrive at the Salvador and they need to walk or take buses to Guatemala and then they need to continue to Chapas in Tapachula Mexico", said Ruiz

Ruiz estimates the journey takes three days.

Ruiz says once in Mexico, Cubans will travel on bus or airplane to the Texas/United States border, depending on their economic resources.

"They don't have democracy in Cuba, Cubans don't have future and they need to find a better life. In Cuba you can be a doctor you can not make any money", Ruiz.

According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, over 43,000 Cuban migrants crossed into the United States in 2015.

And around two-thirds, have crossed through the Laredo field office on the Texas/Mexico border.

"They arrive to Laredo in bridge number one in Laredo Texas", Ruiz

Ruiz expects different waves of groups to show up to Laredo among the next couple of weeks, he say Cubanos en Libertad is ready to help their fellow Cubans.

"They coming to the United States, looking for a better life, they are looking for peace and freedom", Ruiz.

Ruiz says he doesn't know yet what day exactly the first group arrives, he just knows it will be close to two hundred and made up of families and children.

Ruiz tells me many of the Cubans don't last long in Laredo. They come here get the documents they need and contact family. Most go tot other states like California or New York. Ruiz says the most popular destination is Miami.

Along with the organizations assisting the immigrants, other businesses are popping up to meet their needs, primarily when it comes to transportation.

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