Rubio Drops campaign

WASHINGTON, D.C. (KGNS) - In the race for the White House, Donald Trump won the Florida primary tonight, taking home all 99 delegates and taking Marco Rubio out of the race.

Marco Rubio told his supporters - he's grateful but the nation is in the middle of a real political storm. During his speech he slammed Donald Trump.

Rubio said it's easier to make people angry and frustrated, telling the crowd the Republican party is fractured and we're moving toward a nation where people hate each other. He said he wants a vibrant conservative movement based on principles and ideas not fear and anger.

At one point Trump protesters interrupted the speech but then left the building.

There was one common feeling expressed by Rubio supporters – disappointment.

Some of the Rubio supporters in the crowd were crying. He ended his speech with a prayer and then his fans yelled 'God bless you.'

"Rubio leaving this campaign is truthfully an injustice to this country because he really was the best chance we had", said Claudia Delavega.

"The Republican party needs to nominate someone who's not Trump. And I hope that this action will kind of turn a tide and that the Republican party will start leaning almost nearly all of their support toward Cruz or Kasich", said Ruben Martinez.

"I hope he runs for governor. If he runs for governor, I'll be right there with him. I'll be at the same campaign headquarters with my signs and I'll be ready", said Richard Moran.

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