Farmers on Mexican Fruit Fly

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LAREDO, TEXAS The Mexican fruit fly has been found in Laredo, The United States Department of Agriculture is taking proactive measures to make sure the fly isn't spreading to Laredo. But a local grower says he has seen an impact and wants the community to be aware to prevent the spread.
George Mapus is the owner and grower of Mapus produce, a business he's tended to for many years in Laredo. But this year he says his business has suffered due to the Mexican fruit fly. He says they’ve “lost probably 40% of our fruit due to fruit fly this year.” The fruit fly has not only affected him, but also other local growers. Mapus says “All the fruits starts to ripen all the fruit starts to drop and I say you got fruit flies. The pest attacks more than 40 kinds of fruits and vegetables, causing them to look less appealing and have poorer quality. “You have a lot of fruit that is damaged and you cannot sell it. Also, the tree tends to drop if it has the fruit fly in it, Mapus continues. Something he says he worries about but hopes it will be controlled before spreading
u-s-d-a has been in town monitoring and inspecting location to prevent just that. He adds, “To fight it off you need to put pesticide and of course all the problems that come with that.” And says the effect on the growers is just a small part if the Mexican fruit fly spreads. “its everyone's problem, that means it raises the price of produce in the market and we have less fruit to sell, he says. The USDA asks the public to make sure they keep all fruit off the ground.

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