Fired Rio Bravo police chief speaks out

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LAREDO, TEXAS (KGNS) - It's a story we've been following all week and on Wednesday the former police chief of Rio Bravo is speaking out after being terminated by the city's mayor along with another officer.

The firings left the city with only one officer patrolling the community of 48-hundred people.

We spoke with residents, who say they are concerned over the lack of police force in their city.

And on Tuesday, Mayor Francisco Peña, said the employees were terminated for not meeting expectations.

The former police chief, Juan Jose Davila, disagrees.

"We feel there was no reason for them to terminate us, the job was being performed by myself and my officers, and we took dedication and pride in what we did, our main focus to protect the citizens of Rio Bravo and just want to let the city know to me, they're all treated as a whole, they're all my friends", said Davila.

Davila now has an attorney, saying he was terminated for no cause and that more details will be brought to light.

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