Flower and Art Show Showcases Local Talent

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“We like to involve the whole community and this is one thing people really enjoy."

A flower and art show, showcasing paintings from local artists and flower arrangements from local gardeners. There’s no store bought arrangements here but plants from various yards in Laredo.

"It shows what you can grow in Laredo. Many times I hear where are all the flowers? I don't see them."

Hortense Offerle is the shows chairman and says a lot of people don't realize they can grow these beautiful flowers in their yard. Of course some flowers do better then others.

"Some flowers like the blue bonnets once you get them started they come up every year, but other flowers you have to plant year after year. Those are the bulb type flowers."

The community donates these flowers to the show and Alicia Cantu has been a gardener for 50 years. Her roses are on display and shares how she got into gardening

"My husband and I have been married 50 years and ever since our first home we started with a rose garden. I always love flowers and he helped me build up my rose garden. We get to bring out the beauty of nature and we want to share that with our community."