Laredo Police Speak About Officer Involved Shooting

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Saturday, August 30TH Laredo police would receive a 911 call from the Gateway Truck Stop. Callers reported there was a man armed with a handgun outside the business. Laredo police Chief, Ray Garner says once on the scene officers tried to make contact with 30-year-old Jose Walter Garza.

"He was aware we were there and dealing with police. The commands were loud. He understood what was going on."

It was here where Laredo P.D. says they asked Mr. Garza to put down his weapon for about five minutes. It wouldn't be until Garza made a gesture at officers where police say they started to fire.

Garza would die at the scene.

"The investigation has revealed the suspect had a semi-automatic replica pellet gun in his possession. I have seen pictures and was there at the scene and from a distance it looks real.”

Video of the aftermath shows dozens of bullet holes on and around a truck stop wall. Chief Garner says he doesn't know how many shots his officers fired or how many of those shots hit Garza. What he does know is that he supports the actions of his officers.

"The officers were justified. When the officers get there and feel there not threatened they'll lower their weapons. But if they get there like in this case and their life is threatened, they have the right to use deadly force."

Chief Garners says this case like any officer involved shooting is being thoroughly investigated.

"At the end of the day no officer wants to be involved in a situation like this, but they also want to be able to go home to their family."