Learning community courses good for business at LCC

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LAREDO, TEXAS (LCC) - Students who plan to pursue a business degree this fall will have a new option to advance their English and business math skills, thanks to an innovative set of learning community courses at Laredo Community College.

Learning community provides an opportunity for students to move through the required English 1301 and Business Math 1324 courses more quickly by participating with a fixed group of students and instructors who are combined together to improve learning.

Mathematics Department Chair Armando Perez said that the classes are great for students who are looking to get a leg up on college.

“The goal of this learning community is to have a cohort of students that are majoring in business to come together as a small family and establish an environment of shared knowledge. The students will be seeing each other every day for both classes and, in case they miss one day, they’ll be able to ask for help from their friends on missed lessons or work together as a study group.”

“Being able to work as a team is an important requirement in the business world. How to communicate with others and solve problems as a team is what business is all about. These courses are built with the college and business experience in mind,” Perez added.

The combined courses will share common themes throughout the semester and will feature presentations from local business experts.

“The students will have the opportunity to see professionals from the field come in and talk about what they do and how the lessons learned in both courses are applicable in their jobs,” said Perez. “We hope this will motivate the students to stay in college and complete their degrees.”

Students are encouraged to contact the English and Communication Department at 721-5445 or the Mathematics Department at 721-5441 for specific information regarding the learning community courses.

Late advisement and registration for fall classes starts Aug. 19 and continues through Saturday, Aug. 23. Classes start Monday, Aug. 25.

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