Living with wildlife in your neighborhood

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"It's nice to know you can see a deer once in awhile or hog but it's not nice when their in your front yard."

That's Conrado Serna describing what he sees when he walks out his front door everyday. He's lived at lakeside the past five years and has seen all sorts of wildlife in his neighborhood.

"We've seen deer, hogs, snakes. It's the deer and hogs. Those are the ones that aren't afraid. They walk through like they own the place."

Behind Serna’s house is the lake and right next door an open lot inviting wild life right into his yard. Deer will often stop by his house for a quick bite to eat.

"On a yearly basis we spend hundreds of dollars every spring. We replace our plants because they'll come over and eat them. We usually try to put up a fence and I just took it down and they're back."

Residence say living next to the lake they're use to seeing animals in their neighborhood but do run into a few surprises here and there.

Besides deer the Serna's have also found rattlesnakes in their yard. During the summer they'll make they way either into their courtyard or driveway. 6-year-old Miranda Serna remembers playing in the backyard and seeing one in the pool.

"It just climbed in there and my dad got it. They took it out and it would not bite we grabbed it by the head. We're you scared? No.”

The city of Laredo says the best thing to do when you come across these animals is to stay away and call animal control. This way you can prevent from getting hurt.