Local man starts petition to remove Vera from office

The backlash of Councilman Jorge Vera's arrest continues Tuesday, with news of a petition to recall his position and remove him from office.

LAREDO, TEXAS (KGNS) - A local attorney wants City Council member Jorge Vera removed from office.

Vera was detained by Laredo police Wednesday on suspicion of cocaine possession. He was arrested Friday.

"He needs to be made an example out of," said Laredo attorney George Altgelt.

"We hold our public officials to a higher standard. Or at least we should."

According to the Laredo City Charter, there are two ways the mayor or a council member can be removed from office.

One is a conviction, on a felony charge. The other is by recall election, initiated by a petition.

Altgelt said he's drafting the petition.

"We gotta collect signatures from people that live in our district, district 7, to get a special election so that we can have him unseated," said Altgelt.

The number of signatures has to be at least ten percent of the number of people who voted in the last district seven election. That's nearly 500 signatures.

Altgelt said he would run in a special election.

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