Mike Montemayor's agenda items removed

Mike Montemayor
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LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - Commissioner Mike Montemayor wants three items on Monday's commissioners court agenda. One is a donation to the LBJ baseball team. The second a transfer of funds to help the public events account. The third, is appointing a director to a community center. but none of those items made it onto Monday's agenda.

"An issue came up, Thursday, commissioner Montemayor received an e-mail. He had three items on the agenda and someone decided to take them off Monday's agenda. Of course, that is absolutely improper and no one has that right. Of course, we started dealing with that issue immediately and we have been assured that the commissioners items will be there."

Attorney Jose Becerra said Webb County cannot remove Montemayor's items while he is still the commissioner.

"It says right here the judge may not suspend the officer, in this case Montemayor until the person appointed by him executes a bond and meets other requirements."

Friday afternoon, Webb County issued a supplemental agenda with two of Montemayor's three items put back on the agenda.

Under the agreement made yesterday, Montemayor will remain as the commissioner of precinct one until an appointee is named to take his place. Right now, that appointment is temporary, pending the outcome of the bribery charges against Montemayor. Regarding that third item that, at last check, had not made it back onto the agenda. We tried contacting Webb County Attorney Marco Montemayor and others, but our calls were not returned.

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