Over 100 Reported Cases of Dengue Fever in Nuevo Laredo

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So far this year Nuevo Laredo has seen over a hundred cases of people being infected with the mosquito transmitted disease, dengue fever. City of Laredo health department director, Hector Gonzalez says they're monitoring the situation.

"Nuevo Laredo in particular that's our neighbor and services as our surveillance sight for us. They’re doing a great job in containing it."

Nuevo Laredo is doing everything they can to combat mosquitoes. Sergio Gonzalez lives in Nuevo Laredo and says since the city has been working to eliminate the problem he's seen improvements.

"In Nuevo Laredo they have this truck that throws chemicals in the crowds and there's not that many mosquitoes now. I'm not really concerned but when you see them try and kill them."

Because of Nuevo Laredo’s close proximity to Laredo, the question is should Laredo be concerned? Dr. Gonzalez, says no.

"We have not confirmed any cases in Laredo. So should people be alarmed no, should people take precautions yes. We advise people to get rid of standing water and get rid of trash. The most important thing is people containing their yards."

Some symptoms of dengue are fatigue, muscle pain, and joint aches. Dr. Gonzalez says serious complications are rare.

"Even though they’ve had over a hundred cases there have been no deaths. The majority of people exposed get over it.”