Rio Bravo residents attempt to recall Rio Bravo Mayor

Rio Bravo residents are working to start a campaign to recall Rio Bravo mayor from office.
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LAREDO, TEXAS (KGNS) - More political controversy for the mayor of Rio Bravo as a group of residents there begin a campaign to have the mayor recalled and removed from office.

The group says they are working to collect the required number of signatures to be able to call for a recall election.

Among some of their complaints is the allegation that Mayor Peña hasn't met the residency requirements.

Not having the minimum number of city commission meetings as required by city charter and not having filled the position of city secretary.

According to a spokesperson for the group, a total of 170 signatures is needed to be able to get the recall election on the ballot.

So far they say they have collected over 200, well above the required amount of signatures.

"Based on the home rule charter once you meet the requirements of the signatures and we go through a district court then we'll a special election and people have the vote to keep him or not to keep him, then he is removed from office and there will be another special election then well anyone can run for mayor", said Jaime Montes.

We placed a call to Mayor Peña but we were unable to get in contact with him about the recall petition.

According to group members the next step would be for a district court to certify the petition and then call for the special election.

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