Tax deadline right around the corner!

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The tax clock is ticking yet one out of five taxpayers still haven't filed their taxes.
many of these late filers may be due a refund.
This year, the average is about 28-hundred dollars.
yet millions of taxpayers will likely wind up leaving money on the table.
Maria Villasenor works at H&R Block. She says,
"people do their taxes on their own or with the wrong tax professional and they don't get every single thing they're entitled to."
According to H&R Block nearly half of people that did their own tax returns had inaccuracies and one in five of those returns left about 5-hundred dollars omitted.
"every year it changes sometimes they keep if for a while sometimes they change the credits that you can get for a year people need to be aware of that and talk to a professional."
Last year, taxpayers failed to claim one billion dollars of deductions to which they were entitled,
and the same could happen again this tax season..
Rudolfo Urra hopes he doesn't become a statistic.
He says he always goes to a professional who knows what they're doing without a doubt.
There are money saving tax strategies that you may be able to take advantage of maybe for the last time.
2013 may be the last opportunity for filers to claim deductions for. college tuition and fees... teacher's expenses... mortgage insurance premiums... and state and local sales taxes
If your a late filer you can still do your taxes after the 15, with an extension and if you know your going to get a refund.
but the 15th will be the deadline to claim anything from
If you have a balance due in 2010 and you haven't done it by Tuesday your only able to claim 2011..12..and 13