Tech to help with meditation

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(NBC) - It's a new year and many of us have vowed to develop healthy habits.

The top New Year's resolution historically is to lose weight and get fit.

But a growing number of Americans are shifting the focus from working out their bodies, to working out their minds.

Millions of Americans are hoping to wind down in 2016.

"Meditation is becoming incredibly popular, you're seeing big CEOs meditate, athletes meditate", said Ariel Garten.

According to a creative research designs study, more than half of Americans meditate or are interested in meditation and for good reason.

"There are now over 1000 published studies demonstrating meditation's ability to improve your attention decrease your stress improve your productivity and more", said Garten.

Meditation may be an ancient practice, but modern technology can help get you started.

Popular apps like "head space" aim to make meditation easier.

And similar to the way fitness wearables track your body, now there's a device to track your brain.

The "Muse" brain sensing headband.

"so muse actually has sensors on your forehead and behind your ears slips on just like a pair of glasses and sends your real brain data to your smartphone or tablet", said Garten.

The headband reads brainwaves to see when your brain is active or calm... And gives real-time feedback.

"You're actually able to hear the sound of your own brain so you can take it from that crazy busy place to a place of clear focused attention in a way that's easy to do every day", said Garten.

Finding your own personal calm within the storm.

The Muse headband costs $299 and is available online at Choosemuse.Com, on Amazon or in Select Best Buy stores.

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