Three Webb County races end in run-offs

Delia Perales and Raul Salinas are still going for it.
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Three democratic races in Webb county are headed to a run off, and six candidates will be vying for your vote.

KGNS News Reporter Orlando Garza tells us what the candidates have to say about getting this far and how they plan to win in may.
Candidates for three Webb county races have secured a trip to May's Primary Runoff Election.
The County Commissioner Race, for precinct four, pits incumbent Jaime Canales against Jose Valdez; after campaigning for months, both say the hard work is paying off.
Canales took almost 46-percent of the vote, Tuesday, to Valdez's 30-percent.
both say they'll work hard to go after the remaining 24-percent of the vote.
The second race is for County treasurer between incumbent Delia Perales and current Laredo Mayor Raul Salinas in the first bout Salinas edged out Perales by just 250 votes.
The race for justice of the peace precinct 4, is the third run-off.
8 people wanted a position, held by Oscar Martinez who is retiring after almost 22 years, both run-off candidates... Yu-Hsien Huang Del Rio and Jose Salinas, will battle for the position in may.
Despite the months of campaigning both candidates believe the run off election is just a bump in their path to the justice of the peace seat.

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