Three tips to catch burglars breaking and entering your home

Two of the three suspected robbers are behind bars.
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SAN ANTONIO, TX (WOAI) - After waking up to find robbers inside his bedroom, a homeowner is making what he calls "lifestyle changes" to the technology we all have at our fingertips.

It was around 5 a.m. Tuesday morning in a gated community on the far north side. Don Mills was fast asleep.

"Have no idea how long they were here," he says. "They could have been here an hour."

And these robbers were real pros.

"They've got guts. I'll give them that," Mills says.

They broke in through the garage.

"They took rifles. They took jewelry," Mills says. "They went right through my bedroom into our master closet."

He woke up to flashlight beams.

"Yelled out real loud, 'Who's there?'" Mills says.

He grabbed his gun.

"Cocked it," Mills says. "And when I did, they were gone."

He got outside just in time to see the tail lights of his own SUV, driving away from his house.

"You see, that was their biggest mistake: taking my car," Mills says.

His first crime-fighting tip: his car has OnStar with GPS capability.

"I also have an app on my phone," Mills says while clicking the OnStar app. He used that app to call the company.

"I told them my car had been stolen," Mills says. "She said, 'we'll take care of it.'" And within 30 minutes, detectives found Mills' car parked in the robbers' driveway.

"They had them nailed," Mills says. In this case, technology helped catch the bad guys, which leads us to Mills' second crime-fighting tip.

"They cut the cables to all the camera systems," Mills explains. So Wednesday, he had a security company rewire his house to make it harder to find those cables.

And his third crime-fighting tip: setting the alarm at all times. "The alarm system will be turned on when I go to bed now," Mills says.

Three major lessons he hopes will lock out criminals. Two of the three suspected robbers are behind bars. Luckily, Mills will get almost all of his belongings back.

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