Webb County Sheriff's Office seeks reimbursement money

Webb County Jail
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LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - The Webb County Sheriff's office hopes to save the local taxpayers some money. Every year the sheriff's office applies for a grant from the federal government, to reimburse them for some money they spend on housing undocumented immigrants. They have applied for this grant every year since 2009.

The sheriff’s office said when they first started applying, they had housed nearly 150,000 illegal immigrants a year. Now, that number is down to about 90,000. Webb County Jail Commander, Pepe Salinas, said the amount of money they get depends on how many illegal immigrants that were in their jail that year, and how much money the federal government has put away for this program.

"It reduces the cost obviously, it helps the general fund of the county. And of course any money that we can get, from any different program, it's a plus for us and especially for the county. It reduces the operating cost of the jail."

This grant is for the defendants in federal court cases.

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