Zapata County attempts to fight Texas Voter I.D. Law

Zapata County Commissioners Court.
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ZAPATA COUNTY, TX (KGNS) - A challenge has been filed in federal court to stop Senate Bill 14. Attorney Rolando Rios is asking for help from the south Texas counties to contribute funds to fight the recent bill.

"Well we are in court and we are going to be holding a trial in September. We hopefully will get the law knocked out so people can vote even if they don't have a picture ID."

Rios is requesting funds from several south Texas counties. Zapata county commissioners voted, three to one to contribute $4,000 to help fight the Texas ID law in court. They said they’d get the money from their consulting fund.

Zapata County isn't the only one who decided to commit to fight this voter ID Law. Recently Hidalgo County committed $10,000 to fight the cause.

But not everyone is for overturning this law. Take Roberto Montes, for example. He volunteers at the voting polls and said this new law makes it easier to prevent voting fraud, especially because the ID has to be a federal or state picture identification.

"Then there is no fraud. It has to be from DPS, and it's not just I go take a picture and I put it in a card, or anybody else can do that for me and I show up to vote and it's there. This way it's only that."

Under this law, ID's that come from a school are not acceptable forms to be able to cast your ballot. Only ID's issued by DPS, a military ID, or a U-S passport are acceptable

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