Four risky places to use debit cards

LAREDO, TEXAS (KGNS) -- If you're like millions of other people, you probably use your debit card everyday, and like them, you probably don't give much thought to having your information stolen.

These days, we either pay with a debit card, a credit card or cash each have their advantages and disadvantages.

Your debit card, however, is the only form of payment with a direct line to your bank account and that's worth a little caution.

After an hard workout, Ernesto Davila likes buying a shake at his gym.

Like millions of Americans, he typically uses his debit card.

He also hates the change he gets when he pays cash.

But using your debit card, all the time, can also cost you.

With reports of debit card security breaches on the rise, their are four places you can use your debit care that are riskier than others.

ATMs are among the most dangerous places to use a debit card because thieves can more easily place machines over the real card slots to "skim" your account information.

Mullins warns against using debit cards to make purchases online because of the potential for hacking at different points in a transaction, and he advises consumers against letting their debit card out of their sight, like giving it to a restaurant server.

A practice Davila says he pays close attention to, daily.

Mullins adds because millions of debit cards are used everyday bank institutions watch for out of the ordinary spending.

Updating your cell and home phone numbers with your bank is critical in case their is fraud.

Mullion points out that only one percent of debit card transactions are reported as fraudulent.

That's not high unless you happen to fall into that one percent.

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