Things To Know Before Going To The Polls On Election Day

By: James Johnson Email
By: James Johnson Email
Things To Know Before Going To The Polls On Election Day.

Are you prepared to cast your vote?

One by one-early voters are making their way to the polls to cast their vote. Election day is only a few days away and for voters waiting to cast their vote that day, there are some things you need to know. Elections administrator, Oscar Villarreal explains.

"First of all you need to know where to vote. Voters need to go to their assigned precinct. A photo id is required also."

Voters say waiting till election day can be stressful and is why some choose to vote early. Cynthia Davila has waited till election day in the past and says voting early is the way to go.

"I use to work and when you get there, there's a line and you wait a lot. It's a lot easier because you have more time and go anytime you want."

Poll workers want to make voting easy for everyone and is why they have created a program to help people who have difficulties getting out of the car cast their vote.

Elections administrator, Oscar Villarreal says, "You have people who cant walk very well into the polling site, so what they do is take them the ballot out to the voter so they can vote in the car."

The elections office says doing your homework before casting your vote is also important. Something Denise and Thelma Romo make sure they do.

"I have friends that don't even know who to vote for. You have to research them look at a newspaper that's what helps me."

Election day is March 4th. so before you hit the polls make sure you're prepared.

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