Man staged burglary to avoid going to work

31 year-old Dwayne Yeager is now facing charges of providing false information to law enforcement.

Dwayne Yeager

ST. PETERSBURG, FL (CNN) - A Florida man is accused of staging a burglary so he could avoid going to work. 31 year-old Dwayne Yeager is now facing charges of providing false information to law enforcement.

Caught on camera! Deputies say Dwayne Yeager pulled into his driveway, went into a bedroom where he pulled up the blinds and opened the window and then paced outside his house to wait for deputies he had just called.

A short time later, a deputy arrived to check out the scene. Deputies say the video proves the 31 year-old staged the break-in here at his Brandon home Monday morning.

The reason? He didn't want to go to work and his wife wasn't taking no for an answer.

Here's part of that 911 call:

Caller: "My door's wide open, my windows to my son's bedroom are wide open. My TVs in there on the ground."

Dispatcher: "Did you see anybody when you came in or is anything missing that you you can see?"

Caller: "I called y'all right away. All I see is the front-door wide open. Called my wife and I asked her, we did go out the front door, right? She said yes."

Dispatcher: "Did you see any vehicles driving away when you were pulling up or anything like that?"

Caller: "On the corner, right when I pulled up, a white kind of little Honda Civic pulling away. White, it had kind of like a black fender."

But deputies say there was never any car and no signs of forced entry.

So when deputies confronted him he allegedly told them he didn't realize he could go to jail for staging the crime.

As for his neighbors who were awoken that morning by deputies and K-9's, they're not happy, Doris Morell, "He asked me about the robbery. And he said make sure you check your windows, make sure your kids are safe and I was like, oh my gosh, you know...That's just absolutely ridiculous. I mean, who would do that? That's just absurd."

No one came to the door. Neighbors say they just can't understand it.
Yeager's now out on $500 bond, he's facing one charge of lying to deputies.

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