Harsh climate on the right

By: Justin J. Reyes
By: Justin J. Reyes

(NBC) - Just ten days until the first votes are cast, in Iowa and both parties struggling with fierce internal divisions.

While Hillary Clinton is trying to blunt Bernie Sander's momentum, a group of prominent conservatives is banding together in dramatic fashion, trying to do something, anything to stop Donald Trump.

In the span of an hour and a half the Republican party showed just how tense 2016 has become.

Ten p.m. Thursday night, influential conservative magazine the national review goes live online with its "Against Trump" issue, a scathing editorial accompanied by with 22 articles from these leading conservative thinkers bashing the billionaire.

Like clockwork Trump fired back with his usual put downs.

"It's pretty much, I got to tell you Dave, it's pretty much a dead paper", said Trump.

And by The national review was out of the Houston Republican debate. Disinvited by the RNC.

"Can't have a debate partner for or against any candidate", said Sean Spicer.

David Boaz wrote one of the editorials.

"He is a philosophically unmoored political opportunist with tendencies toward strong man ideas", said Boaz.

Facing the real prospect of a Ted Cruz nomination, the establishment has instead warmed to trump. The move even earning its own nickname: the ABC, anything but Cruz strategy.

Its clear GOP leaders want party unity, but its not clear the rank and file will fall in line.

"The primary voters should be defining what the party is; it shouldn't be a top down demand from party headquarters in Washington"

And while Trump is leading in nearly every poll.

There are those who see his major asset, that tell it like it is. Don't get in my way rhetoric as a major weakness.

Take Twitter, where Trump Re-Tweeted someone who claims to live in Jewmerica, denies the holocaust and has the username white genocide.

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